Different philosophy. We scan photos to preserve your memories as you remember them. Our goal is to not only archive your photographs giving them digital longevity, we also strive to preserve the nostalgia you experience while viewing the people and events captured in your photos. We do that by meticulously honoring the hue and tone of the original photograph.

White glove treatment. Maybe you’re a celebrity, maybe you’re not.  That doesn’t mean your photos won’t be treated like one.  All photos are handled with white gloves!  No joke. It may seem silly, but it’s that important – oils from your hands can ruin photos over time, and our hands are no different.

Attractive pricing. Our prices are not only competitive, they are fair. Like many scanning companies, we tier our pricing. The difference is that you pay only for the photos we scan. While some customers will send only a specified number of photos to match a pricing tier, the majority will have an odd amount somewhere between any of our tiered price points. While other companies will round up your order the next highest priced tier, with us you pay only for the photos we actually scan. Of course, the more photos you have us scan, the more you save, because our tiers are price adjusted to save you money. That is the Scan Photos To Digital way. We want to preserve your memories and do so without breaking your bank.